Please take the time to have a look at some examples of what we could do for you.  Please
remember, we can take on any fabrication, manufacturing, steel repairs, or container work you have
in mind, don't hesitate to call us for a no obligation quote.
With fully equipped vehicles, we can travel anywhere in
the country to carry out any repairs, installation or
conversions you need.
We can supply and fit built in ramps for your container
front sills.  These are very useful when your storage
container is used for vehicles or machinery.
In situations where condensation is a problem in your
container, we can provide several solutions. Please call
to see which best suits your needs. Read More >
We can build water and waste tanks to your specification. 
Our 2 newest products the "tankaloo" and the "container
tank" are proving to be very successful and popular

Please call for more info, or visit our new site
We can supply and fit palisade fencing at very
competitive prices. As well as manual and automated
Contact us for all your access solutions. Staircases, fire
escapes and walkways are one of our specialities. 

Whether it be double stacking containers for self storage,
or offices.

Or perhaps access to flats or upper levels of any
buildings, we can take care of it.
We can organise crane and hi-ab vehicle's for site
installation of site containers and offices.

And can be on site to supervise and assist if required.
We can supply and fit 10 point dead locking doors to
your container, which is ideal when converting a
shipping container into offices. We also supply and fit a
simple to use steel panel security door with a lock box
and slide bolt, perfect for self storage units.
We can supply and fit shelving and racking to your
containers, call for prices.
If you need any balustrading or railings, whether it be
painted, powder coated or galvanised we can
If a situation occurs where you need your containers to be
sprayed on site, for planning reasons, changed to a more
desirable colour, or simply improve the appearance of old
containers, it's not a problem, give us a call.
Container conversions is one of our specialities.  Diving
your existing containers up into smaller storage units
are an excellent way of expanding you storage, and
offering different size units to your customers. Please
call for current pricing.

We also fit steel partitions to your divided up containers,
or double ended containers.  Our partitions are made
with a steel box section framework, steel sheet, then
painted and sealed.

Any modification your require to your containers,
whether it be windows, doors, insulation, racking,
electrics, etc... we can undertake. And in most cases if
required we can come to site for you.
Thinking of expanding your storage space? Once the
ground floor is full, the next logical step is to double
stack your containers.

Constructing staircase and walkways to cope with having
a upper storage level is our speciality.

You may also want to think about forklift gates, making
life much easier for your customers moving into upper
level units.
Containers, if maintained properly will last a very long
time, however repairs on older containers are common.

In most cases your containers can be refurbished to a
good working order, whether it be welding roof patches,
wall patches, door repairs, or even replace the entire
roof.  In most cases it is more economical to repair your
containers than pay to have them scrapped and replace
Here we see some samples of the conversion projects we
do. These are taken from our self storage yard build we
are doing in Exeter. We are expanding the site to double
stack and it is far more cost effective to convert 40 foot
units into mini units than buy for example 10 fts or 8 fts.
Our self storage site can be seen here >

We are always looking for more clients please drop
by.These 40 ft. containers converted to the highest
standard were modified by our top conversion specialist
Chris Greenfield and assistance from Matt Ashley both
have extensive knowledge of the industry and continue
to expand our conversion business. As a company we
can convert shipping containers into pretty much
anything you can think of thinking out side the box we
can build offices, all types of living
accommodation,workshops,self storage,chemical stores,
tack rooms the list is endless.

For accommodation conversion check out this site
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